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Interactive Art Director / Senior Interactive Designer

The Equal Justice Initiative combats racial inequality both in our present, by challenging mass incarceration and unfair sentencing, and in our past, by exposing the roots of unequal treatment. Google partnered with EJI to create a digital experience that sheds light on a forgotten chapter of American history: the lynching of over 4,000 African Americans across twenty states between 1877 and 1950.

Lynching in America is the result of the most comprehensive research on lynching ever conducted. Over the course of the experience, that research is presented in several different ways: on interactive maps, as a full report, and through the personal stories of family members of the victims.

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Listen to real stories from families affected by racial terrorism in this country and how it has affected them today.

Interactive Map

Interactive Map

The map was custom designed using Google Maps Api with a real data layer showing density in counties where lynching was at its worst. Users can explore each of the counties and find out the exact number of lynchings that took place there as well as explore interactive stories from more horrifically publicized lynchings to better understand the violent history of this era.